23 Jul 2013

23 Jul 2013

Secure your Business Intelligence platform


Quick ROI

In addition to large enterprise programs, which are important but long and expensive to  implement,

effective, immediate actions can be taken to improve data quality and consistency in decision-making platforms.

Our approach

Our approach is to focus on the most classic issues in Business Intelligence that causes 95% of negatives impact:

With our experience of DataQuality issue, we can provide in few days all the necessary tests that should be done during alimentation of the Business intelligence plateform

see below how Qualitygates interact with your Information System:


  • Prevent publishing inconsistent indicators
  • Never have 2 differents versions of the true
  • Be sure that your reporting include all data needed

Bring back Trust on Data!

in a very short time frame, you’ll get back the trsut of the business user, you’ll get control of the quality of your platform