5 Nov 2013

5 Nov 2013

Quality Gates connector for QlikView


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Quality Gates connector increase reliability and trust of QlikView application data and KPIs


QlikView data challenge

Poor or not complete data in QlikView application is one of the major reasons for users abandonment.
QlikView is a great in memory solution, providing intuitive and rapid analysis of data.However, since the data is stored in memory and not based on database it is difficult to query directly the data source and validate data correctness and accuracy.

Quality Gates connector

How can Quality Gates help in validating the data correctness and completeness?
Quality Gates connect directly to QlikView application and able to validate the exact numbers and indicators presented to the user.With QlikView connector and Quality Gates one can do the following actions:

  • Check data completeness between source system and QlikView application. Source system can be file, database, or even other QlikView application
  • Set up alerts to validate the values of objects displayed in QlikView or absence of one value or another.
  • Ensure non regression exists between current and future application developments.
  • Automatically monitor and control QlikView applications, where the organization contain large amount of them.


How does it work?

Simple built in connector
Quality Gates connector is connected directly to the .qvw file and able to monitor each object displayed in the dashboard against another source.
The sources are loaded into Quality Gates and can be queried using SQL