17 Feb 2014

17 Feb 2014

Enterprise Data Dictionary Module


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Enterprise Data Dictionary Module


Did you find yourself struggling to understand what’s the different between Gross Revenue and Net Profit?

Whether the calculation is including today or only closed days?
Trying to ask the IT and Product for an exact definition, you finally found yourself in a huge debate with no conclusions?

That means you’re probably lacking DATA DICTIONARY in your organization!


So what does Data Dictionary helping to solve:

1. Make all people in the organization speak the same language
2. Have one centralize location to coordinate business definition and calculations
3. Support over time changes of definition, which is a nature of every business
4. Serve as an online help tool for people who see a business term in the first time


What information should I store in a Data Dictionary?
Each organization has its own way of defining its business terms and indicators but some elements are common:


Qualitative definition:

    • Business & Technical definition
    • Calculations and equations
    • Source data of the measure
    • Relation between indicators
    • top_l_dAlias – different names to the same indicator
    • Owner & Priority


Quantitative information based SQL:

  • When was the indicator last update ?
  • How many queries run against this indicator ?

Tests and validation:

Create tests and validation to make sure the indicator or business definition matches the organization expectation:

In range of Value expected, complete, consistent and in the correct format.


How can Quality Gates assists?

Starting version 3.4.0 QualityGates contains a Data Dictionary layer which allows Qualitative Definition, Quantitative Information.

You can also assigned QualityGates Tests to any item of the Dictionary.