14 Aug 2013

14 Aug 2013

Finally a way to trust your QlikView data


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Finally a way to trust your QlikView data


Quality Gates provides a direct connection to your QlikView dashboard!


Recently the Quality Gates team released a direct connector to QlikView.
Now you can:

  • Validate your QlikView data against the data warehouse or operational data
  • Set up alerts to validate the values of objects displayed in QlikView.
  • Ensure non regression exists between current and future developments.

The connector to QlikView is very simple to install and intuitive to use to explore your dashboard. The QlikView elements simply become your new data source, and can be treated with the powerful syntax SQL offers

QV Connector

The possibility to directly validate the values displayed in your dashboard, gives a full control over all the platform layers: Starting from the operational layer, through the data warehouse, and up to the actual value a client will see.

Users can define their own alerts based on data being displayed in QlikView with the simplicity of Quality Gates interface!

QV preview

This connector is available from version 3.3.6