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Be sure of the consistency of your Information System, same result everywhere.

Dataquality Challenges Consistency:

Quality Gate,

your data quality firewall: block issues, find his origin.

Technical Challenge Quality Gate,
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  • Consistency


  • Quality Following

    Quality Following

  • FireWall


  • Trust


  • Completeness


  • Safe migration

    Safe migration

  • Non Regression

    Non Regression

Trust your data

QualityGates is the most powerfull solution to monitor your Data Platform.

  • Migration 100% Quality ?

    How to be sure that all data is migrated properly ?

    Check all the tables and fields in a few minutes  and identify in a second where you have discrepancies.

    Migration 100% Quality ?
  • Quality Gates Challenges in Video, click here:

    Quality Gates

  • Consistency between sources

    With QualityGates Checksum test you will be able to compare your Operational system to your BI system, your different Datamarts and also compare to an Excel File!

    Consistency between sources

About Us

About us

Vision.bi Innovation Center

Our product Quality-Gates was created by the innovation center of our company: Vision.bi

Vision.bi is Software and Services company specializing in the Business Intelligence (BI) field.

We offer our customers the unique option of using the Vision.bi applications & products enabling them to independently maintain and expand their own BI platform while reducing costs and increasing productivity.

Captilalisation on our experiences is fundamental: In Project after Project, we noticed a lack of efficiency in the BI area. We worked to close this gap, and created Quality-Gates that enables companies to improve  the quality of their BI environment.


Vision.bi is part of the Keyrus group, an international key player in performance management consulting and integration of Business Intelligence solutions. The Keyrus group already does business in 12 countries on 4 continents  and  many of the world’s largest companies can be found among its clients  www.keyrus.com

More information about Vision.bi  click here


Our Team
Itamar Ben Hemo

Itamar Ben Hemo

CEO Vision.bi

Our objective is to supply customers with a complete BI platform developed and designed on the basis of proven methodologies, best practice and highest standards

Cyril Cohen-Solal

Cyril Cohen-Solal

VP International Sales +33 (0)1 80 87 61 58

Cyril manages the worldwide sales deployment strategy of Quality-Gates, including partnership management. With more than 10 years of entrepreneurship & expertise in the BI field, Cyril has given Quality-gates a perfect international diffusion

Ilan Zaitoun

Ilan Zaitoun

VP Products & Innovations

Ilan is the co-founder of Vision.bi and the Product Manager of Quality-Gates. Always focusing on innovation, Ilan has empowered the company with many products with added value

Uzi Blum

Uzi Blum

Quality Gates Product Manager

As Quality Gates Product Manager Uzi's challenge is to make sure the product requires minimum investments and maximum benefits. Our excellent customer satisfaction level worldwide is the best proof of Uzi's care for our clients' business and interest.

QualityGates Challenges

Check how QualityGates answers Business and Technicalchallenges:


Why the indicator does not have the same numbers in 2 different reports? Why the number of sales from my source system is different from the one in my Analysis?

Quality Gates was built especially to handle consistency issues. There is a need to make an automated and continues validation of all sources. Quality Gates can compare different type of sources in a single platform. All standard relational databases, files, and multidimensional database can be compared to assure consistency.

Quality Following

IT infrastructure contains dozens of systems and harder to control than ever. The IT manager is struggling with following up all the status of all system and continue providing reliable system to its business users.

Quality Gates offer a central location to follow all your system. Manage and monitor all organization data by using dashboards with intuitive drill down to investigate the health of data in your organization.

Business Rules

Raw data coming from different systems and often is missing, bad formatted or not meeting the organization standards. How can identify this bad data and correct it?

Quality Gates allows the IT as well as the business users to define what should be the rule or rules the data should meet. Once a rule is not respected (missing value, bad format, non correlation to other column) a direct email is being sent to source data owner with all discrepancy founds. This way the IT complete an automatic data quality life cycle.


Morning meeting is always the worst moment to discover that value displayed for a KPI is out of range or that a whole product/ region is completely not displayed. This is cause embarrassment and lost of credibility of the dashboards and reports provided by the IT.

Quality Gates can very that values presented in reports or dashboard meet the organization standard numbers and ranges. It can also validate that no region or product was forgotten on validation. The rules can be easily adjust by the business users and can be validate before sent to the business user.


Many business users discover problem with their reports or dashboards before the IT team notice. This is of course cause embarrassment and in many cases also lost of credibility. A common behavior is that those business user stop using the reporting platform and go back to their own excel files. The IT manager is now facing the challenge of how to regain and maintain users crediability.

Quality Gates contains alerts mechanism that can run as part of the loading process or before distributing the reports to the business users. Once an error is found it is send immediately to the responsible in the IT team to take an action before the business users get a invalid report.  


When loading data from different sources, there may be some issues in the source data. How can I protect my system from loading bad or non reliable into it.

Quality Gates allows stopping data loading process by a simple integration. The different gates can validate the quality of the process based on various rules. When the validation is failed the loading process can be stopped, rollback or take a different path to try to correct the data. Adding or modifying the validation is done outside the process and therefore does not requires modifying the ETL once a new rule is required.


When integrating data from different sources we are having 2 main challenges: 1. How can I make sure all the data was loaded from all sources. When the IT system are getting bigger it is difficult or impossible to make this validation. 2. How can I validate my source data is complete, and that the data I am loading is reliable

Quality Gates provide a summarized or detailed control to constantly validate that same values appear both in the source and in the target data. Quality Gates make validation over the source data based on technical rules to validate it is complete and reliable.

Safe Migration

Many migration projects tend to fail and brings a lot of uncertainty and frustration both by IT and business users. Business users afraid of using new system since the new data is missing and not reliable. A greater challenge become when the two system are based on different technology.

By using Quality Gates constantly through out the project, the IT can be 100% sure that all data, including historical data was fully migrated. When a gap is found it is very easy and fast to find the exact column or row where there is a gap between the systems. Quality Gates can massively compare thousand of tables with in minutes and save days of manual and intensive work. Many of the main vendors have chosen Quality Gates as their official product for Migration validation.

Non Regression

One of the biggest fear of IT manager is continues development. How to add new features or make small changes in a live system, without damaging what is already functioning and checked in the past.

Quality Gates provides an easy and full impact analysis before deploying the solution to production. It is possible to review exactly the area where it is expected to have a change and those areas where the values should not be changed. The impact analysis can be done on high level or on low detailed level. Quality Gates is the last gate before a safe deployment to your production environment.


With minimum expense and in a very short time of implementation, without technical experience!

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  • Secure your BI platform

    Our approach is to focus on the most classic issues in Business Intelligence that cause 95% of negatives impact.

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    Secure your BI platform
  • Audit Flash Quality

     Are you aware of Quality issue in your Information System Platform ?

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    Audit Flash Quality
  • Migration Validation

    Plan to migrate your Database ?  

    let’s us help you to be sure that your data migration is 100% correct

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    Migration Validation
  • BI Data Quality Training

    We can provide you with training on Quality in a Business Intelligence environment 

    including the best practices in development and in debugging

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    BI Data Quality Training
  • Consulting Quality Actions Plan

    Our consulting unit can help you to analyze the situation of your Business environment and setup with you a 

    Quality Improvement Actions Plan 

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    Consulting Quality Actions Plan


How Quality Gates can help you? Customers Case Study

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